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weight loss programs for kids

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Weight loss Programs for Kids

Overweight children are increasing in number due to a variety of reasons, some say as a result of current lifestyles and diets. If kids weight problems are not addressed when young, it is estimated that three out of four will continue to have weight problems in later life.

Weight Loss Exercise programs for Children

Weight loss for kids requires more calories to be burned than calories consumed (a calorie is a unit measure of energy). It really is as simple as that - but it is easier said than done. There are two methods to lose weight for kids. Exercise more to burn those excess calories, and change their diet to reduce calorie intake.

As kids are growing, and undergoing normal daily activities, a certain amount of calories will be burned. For an average mid-teen, it is estimated that they will burn 2500 to 3000 calories. If more calories are consumed during the day than are burned, these are stored as fat in fat cells ready to be burned as fuel in the future. The reverse also holds true. If less calories are consumed than burned during the day, fat is burned and weight is lost.

Lets look at methods to burn excess calories to promote weight loss for children.

Weight Loss Programs For Kids

We are not advocating starting an intense training program! But incorporating more exercise in your childs daily routine is a great start. Walking to school if possible, or joining a sports club. The key to success for any kids weight loss exercise program is enjoyment. If your child enjoys undertaking the activity, you are on a winner. There wont be the battle to get your kid to undertake the activity and your child will get so much more out of it.

To avoid overdoing the exercise or potential injuries, you need to select activities that suit your childs fitness. To help you with that task, and for a selection of weight loss exercise programs for your kid, check out free weight loss exercise programs.

Diet Programs For Kids

The new concept of the ideal diet is to include 5 types of vegetables and 3 types of fruit in your diet, which also applies equally as well to your kids diet to promote weight loss. Changing your childs habits is also important when it comes to diet. For example, snaking on fatty foods needs to be controlled, as calorie totals can blow out of control very easily with just one big snack. Increasing water intake between meals will give your child the feeling of being full, so they wont want to snack as much. Also, many weight loss programs promote eating smaller meals but more of them. Your kids metabolism will be able to more easily digest the food and burn the calories as needed rather than storing excess calories as fat, which happens more often after large meals.

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