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7 Benefits of Daily Exercise

What are the Benefits of Daily Exercise

The best place to start a workout program is to look at all the benefits of exercise, so you get some sort of motivation. When you see that exercise has so many benefits it is not so hard to get a sweat up!

1. Lose Weight

The first benefit is what we are here for. To lose weight. The process of exercising burns calories which are stored as fat. As fat is consumed as a fuel to power your muscles, your fat stores are depleted. If you consume less calories in a day than you burn, you lose weight. We will look at this later.

What are the Benefits of regular daily exercise?

2. Strengthen your cardio-vascular system (heart and lungs)

Working out requires oxygen, which combines with the fat to provide fuel for your muscles. As you use your heart and lungs to provide the oxygen, they get stronger and work more efficiently due to the increased stress they are under.

3. Reduce Stress

Letting off some steam through exercise releases endorphines into the blood stream, which is a chemical used by the body to deal with pain. Endorhines produced as the result of exercise are similar in structure to morhine, a powerful pain killer. So endorphinesh can cause a state of "happiness" and improve the mood of the person exercising.

4. Reduce depression and anxiety symptoms

Again, the release of endorphines in to the body can cause an elevation of your mood. Also, looking better due to exercise should make you feel better about yourself and give you more confidence.

5. Combat chronic disease

Studies have proven that exercise can help manage high blood pressure, reduce bad cholesterol, increase good cholestrol and reduce the likelihood of getting Type 2 diabetes, osteoporosis, and cancer. Certainly a good reason to exercise!

6. Improve sleep

Increased exercise burns excess energy and stress during the day, so your body is more likely to want to rest to recover at night.

7. Improve the Quality of your Life

If you choose to do the type of exercise that you enjoy, you should improve the quality of your life through the actual activity, the flow on improvement of your health giving you increased energy for other activities, and maybe even improve your social life if you exercise with others.

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