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Weight Loss Success Stories

The Secret to Weight Loss Success

You have to enjoy the exercise you are doing. There is a really high probability that if you dont enjoy what you are doing, you will stop doing it!
You need to design the workout program to satisfy your individual needs. That is why it is not a good idea to just pick up an exercise program and start. For your own health, you need to consider how fit you are, what you want to achieve from the exercise program and how you can fit the workout routine into your lifestyle. Thats a lot to consider. It is importnat that you consult a medical practitioner before you start any exercise program.

To help motivate you with your weight loss goals, below are 5 motivational weight loss success stories for you. If they can do it, so can you!

Weight Loss Success Stories

Weight Loss Success Story 1

“At mid-life, pushing 300 pounds, and highly skeptical of quick-fixes, I learned of Turbulence Training for Fat Loss and decided it was a program which made sense. It's about hard work, sensible eating, and getting stronger. I found the efficiency of the program to be appealing. In less than an hour, 3 to 4 times per week, the workouts are manageable on a busy schedule. It produced not only weight loss of close to 60 pounds; my strength increased rather dramatically. I have recommended the program to many men who are seeking an efficient, yet demanding, program for fitness and healthy eating.” Todd Thompson, Texas

Weight Loss Success Story 2

“I lost 14 pounds this month and the weight is just falling off me. My wife says I now look like when we first met and I still have more to go. I can fit into my old jeans again which is a big deal for me. I just cut back on starches and bread and do your routine 2-3 times a week. I never thought in a million years that just 10-20 minutes of weight training followed by some cardio would get me such steady results. I even cheat a bit on the weekends. Billy Williams

Weight Loss Success Story 3

“In November of 2005, I noticed that I had put on a significant amount of weight. I had avoided getting on the scale b/c I was afraid to see how bad the # was. With my job, I had many client lunches/dinners frequently and I wasn't taking into the consideration of how much it was impacting my weight. I was still working out, but didn't have a solid program that I committed to. I went to the gym when I had time. When I finally got on the scale I noticed that my weight hit an all time high of 228lbs!!! Not good, when I know my optimal weight for my frame is 210lbs. The last 3 months I committed to Turbulence Training. What I realized is that the workouts were more intense, I burned more calories and I made it out of the gym in less time then I previously did. This worked well for my busy schedule and it was simple to commit to this program. After a 3 month commitment, I am happy to say I am now back at 210lbs and feel better then I have in years. All thanks to the Turbulence Training program. I have tried many programs and this is the most effective and simple program I have ever used. I recommend to anyone that faces the same busy work/personal life that I do. Thanks” Dion Guerin, Sales Executive, Toronto

Weight Loss Success Story 4

"I purchased Turbulence Training and have been using it for about 6 weeks now. Along with the workouts and all the nutritional information I have reached my lowest weight yet and more importantly I didn't starve or over work myself. Working opposing muscle groups is what my body needed and it is responding well. I can now do 10 pushups on my toes for each set and I have noticed muscle development in my chest which I could not get before TT. At 46 years old I feel that I can reach a level of fitness that I didn't think was possible and I don't have to be a slave to working out. It is true that your workouts can be done in 45 minutes which leaves a lot more time for enjoying life." Cindy Casella

Weight Loss Success Story 5

“I wanted to let you know that I dropped 5lbs based on your articles and programs and kept it off for 3 weeks now (I'm 5'7 and now a strong 130lbs)... I am a health-knowledge "junkie" and have bought hundreds of e-books and print books and bought at least a dozen workout programs but this is the best structured and planned program I have come across to date. The simplicity and organization of the programs make the workouts manageble and fun and because you get results fast and you are motivated to continue on - changing and progressing day after day. It is an addiction to workout now and feel healthy... On behalf of so many afraid or too lazy to speak up I would like to say thank you!!” Nadia Dedic

How can We Help You become a Weight Loss Success?

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