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Treadmill Workout Plans for Beginners to Advanced for Weight Loss and Fun

Treamill workouts are great for burning fat, weight loss and toning your body. Follow these treadmill workout routines and in time you should feel fit and look great!

The problem that most people have with doing treadmill workout routines is the boredom. Jogging in the same spot can be mind numbing at best, so how do you solve the problem?

There are a few solutions. One is to change the environment. Put on the TV, turn up the radio, set up the treadmill where you have a view. The other solution to beat treadmill boredom is to vary your routine or training program to incorporate treadmill interval workouts into your routine.

Fun Treadmill Workouts for Weight Loss

Ok, so you are looking to lose weight using your treadmill, but dont want to suffer the boredom that normally is asscoiated with spending hours jogging in one spot. Here is a fun treadmill workout developed by Kim Strothers from Ford Models. It incorporates varied pace to get your heart rate up, which is great for fat burning, and some side ways striding to work your inner and outer thighs.

Warm Up

Set your tradmill speed for 4 and warm up for 5 minutes. This allows you to increase your heart rate with out any stress

Treadmill Hill Workouts

Increase your incline to 10 leaving your speed at 4. Try this for 2 minutes, depending on your fitness.

Recover for a minute by walking with no incline and speed at 4.

Treadmill interval workouts

Now for some speed. Set the speed at 6 and sprint for 1 to 2 minutes.

Recover again, letting your heart rate drop

Treadmill fun sideways jogging

For a bit of fun on the treadmill, turn to your side with the speed set at 2. Try this going to your right, then turn around and do the same to your left. This is a great treadmill workout for your inner thighs and outer thighs. Do 2 minutes on each side.

Repeat this treadmill workout 4 times (depending on your fitness), then cool down with the speed at 4, for 5 minutes.

Thats it! Fun treadmill workouts that introduces a bit of variety and is great for weight loss at the same time.

Fun Treadmill Workouts Video

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Advanced Interval Treadmill Workout Routine

Below is video demonstration on how to do an interval treadmill workout routine. It is based on high intensity running on your treadmill for 2 minutes, then backing off to a walk, or fast walk, for 2 minutes to recover and let your heart rate drop.

After a complete warm up on your treadmill (and depending on your fitness level), do this routine for 20 minutes. That is 2 minutes at high intensity and 2 minutes at low intensity.

This interval treadmill workout plan takes 20 minutes and is equivalent to a one hour treadmill workout if you were to stay at low intensity. This is a great way to accelerate you workouts and get them over with quickly!

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