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5 Exercise Motivation Tips

How do I keep up Motivation to Exercise?

The benefits of daily physical exercise are great - but sometimes knowing that the benefits of exercise are so good is still not enough to get started. So what tips are there to get motivated?

5 Motivation tips to start (and keep) Exercising

The key to any weight loss exercise program is to get started. That is the hardest part. Once you have started to lose weight, there is more incentive to keep going because if you stop, you have something to lose - putting the weight back on. But when you have not even started, there is nothing to lose!

So what should you do to get and stay motivated?

Tips to Get You Motivated to Exercise.

1. Define your weight loss goals and objectives

Write down your goals. Break them down into small manageable goals, such as 5 pounds (kgs) by a ceratin date, then the next goal and the next. You need a traget to aim for, or you wont have the incentive to strive to lose weight.

2. Set aside a certain time of the day for yourself, and for your workout

Get into a routine, so after a while you wont even think about exercising. It is just something you do. This is a very powerful motivating force. After a while, you will feel guilty if you miss a workout!

3. Workout with another person with similar goals to you
You wont want to miss a workout session because you will feel like you are letting them down. Another good motivator!

4. Lose weight for a special event

Aim to lose weight for a specific event such as a function, wedding or party. Imagine how good you feel when you turn up to the event looking the way you want - amazing!

5. Keep a journal of your successes

Keeping a journal tends to inspire people to keep up the good work, as you dont want to slip backwards. If you do it is documented, which helps you try harder to get back what you lost. If you dont keep a record of your success, you wont be able to pat yourself on the bacl for the great work you are doing

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Use the above exercise motivational tips to stay on track with your exercise program. Good luck and stay focused!

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