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Exercise for Your Body Type
Exercise for Your Body Type

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Exercises for Your Body Type

Exercising for your body type can save you a lot of time, effort and grief. The key is to determine what body type you are and then find exercises that are best adapted for weight loss for your body type.

It is important to realize that your body type is determined by your genetics. That means your body shape is pre-determined from birth. However, given the right weight loss exercises, you can target different areas, tone your muscles, lose weight, feel good and look great.

There are three different body types. They are Ectomorphic, Endomorphic and Mesomorphic.

Exercise for Ectomorphic Body Type

This body type includes people who are generally slim, can be tall or petite and have slim hips and long limbs in proportion to their body. Celebrities that are in the Ectomorphic class include Posh and Darryl Hannah. People in this category can find it hard to put on weight and muscle tone.

The best exercise for the Ectomorphic body type is weight training to put on and tone muscles. There is less requirement for cardio exercise due to the body already being slim. Weight training develops muscle mass to develop overall body shape


Weight training involves putting stress on the muscles to develop and increase muscle tone. Exercise each muscle area every second day, using light to medium weights (not too heavy so as to cause an injury). The best way to determine the right amount of weight is to aim for 8 to 12 repetitions of each exercise. Do two sets of each exercise.

The main muscle groups and exercise are:

Shoulders: dumbbell raises

Bicep: bicep curls

Tricep: tricep extensions / pushups

Legs: squats

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Exercise for Endomorphic Body Type

People in this category are more rounded. Celebrities in this group include Mariah Carey. Unlike Ectomorphic people, they tend to put on weight more easily, which is stored around the waist, hips and chest.

The best exercise for the Endomorphic body type is a cardio workout, every second day to start with, building up to 6 times a week with fitness. Cardio exercise routines help burn fat reserves stored on the body, toning muscles and helping to lose weight from all over the body.

Depending on your preference, ideal cardio workouts include:

Cycling - indoor or outdoor. Start doing 15minutes and slowly build up

Treadmill - start with an easy pace for 15 minutes. As you get fitter increase time and intensity

Walking - start with an easy pace on flat ground for 15 minutes. As you get fitter increase time and intensity

Swimming - 15 minutes to start with, and increase in line with fitness.

The benefits of cycling and swimming is that your body is supported, reducing impact on your joints. Start of slowly, and build up your fitness.

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Exercise for Mesomorphic Body Type

The final body type is Mesomorphic, for those people that have a body shape like an upside down A. They have wider shoulders and slimmer hips. They generally have an athletic appearance. Celebrities in this category include Grace Jones.

The best exercise for the mesomorphic body type is a combination of light weight training to tone muscles and cardio to keep the weight under control. Use a combination of the exercise programs above.

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