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Free Fat Burning Workouts

Free Fat Burning Workout Plans

To help you burn fat off your body, try these free, total body fat burning workouts. These are the top 5 exercises for weight loss and burning fat. The video below covers these points. Craig Ballantyne is the author of Turbulence Training and provided the video. For a free 4 week workout program written by the same person, check out the offer below.


Doing squats with a barbell, or dumbbell or even with your own body weight invokes a large range of muscles to not only lower your body to the ground, but also balance during the squatting movement.

Make sure you bend at the hips, pushing back and keeping your back straight.

Pushing Movements

Exercises such as bench press, dumbbell press or pushups are an essential element of the total body fat burning workout. Using free weights for the bench press and dumbbell press again promotes the firing of other body muscle fibers to help keep the body balanced.

Pulling Movements

Rowing, pull ups, chin ups and inverted rows (with either a bar or dumbbell) are great pulling movements.

Single leg exercise

The single leg exercise such as split leg lunges (stepping forward and lowering your hips straight down).

Total body abdominal exercises

The hanging leg raise is one of the best abdominal exercises as it involves so many other muscle groups and does not allow you to rest while performing the abdominal exercise. This is the final one of the top 5 exercises for burning fat.

Free Fat Burning Workout 4 Week Program

Here is a Free 4 week Fat Burning Workout Program written by Craig Ballantyne, a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist who provided the information above about fat burning workouts. He has also written Turbulence Training", designed for busy men and women to get the most results in the least amount of time. As well as getting this valuable 4 week Fat Burning Workout Plan, I will also include my fat loss newsletter with proven weight loss exercises and tips to burn that fat off forever!


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