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Exercise For Home Weight Loss
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Weight Loss Exercises You Can Do At Home

So many of us carry excess weight that we want to get rid of, but really cant find enough time to exercise properly. Watching our diets is also so hard to do when you need to eat on the run, and just can get access to healthy food all the time.

When you are at home, you always feel lazy whenever you have nothing to do, so you end up eating junk food while watching television. This is an alarming situation because thousands of people today no longer have the need to exercise regularly and this is becoming more evident with our lifestyle!

The more people live a sedentary lifestyle, the more they become susceptible to heart diseases, stroke and other illnesses. Obesity is increasing at an alarming rate and this is all because of the introduction of foods rich in sugar during snacks. Therefore, it is important to start working out and the best place to begin would be inside your own home!

Video On How To Exercise At Home

This video shows you simple exercises that you can do at the comfort of your own house. Now, you just need a few instruments for this series of exercises; a pair of weighted balls (5 pounds each) and a light exercise band.

How To Do Squats Properly

The first thing that you need to do is to perform squats. Place your hands on your hips, your legs slightly apart from each other. Start doing squats slowly, imitating a sitting position with your hands before you, and make sure to squat on your heels. Make sure to do this in order to prevent knee injuries.

How To Do Lunges Properly

Next would be to perform lunges. You place your right feet in front while the other feet is placed behind, your posture in a kneeling position. You can start kneeling downwards and then upwards again, based on your own pace. Do this around 10 reps.

The 2 Types Of Push Up Exercises

once you are done, you can proceed with the pushups. This is already self-explanatory, but there are two kinds of push-ups; the default and modified pushups. The default pushup is the regular pushup that you do, while the modified pushup requires you to bend your knee and use your knees as you push yourself up.

Curls and Sit ups Using A Medicine Ball

After the pushups, you can use the weighted balls to do basic curls. Simply hold the balls with your two hands and start curling your hands up and down. You can also use the exercise band; step on the middle of the exercise band and then pull both other end of the exercise band up and down. Do this for 10 reps as well. After this, you can start exercising your triceps by holding a weighted ball with both hands up, your arms close to your ears. Once you are ready, you can start by slowly bending backwards and forwards while holding the weighted ball.

Back Exercises For weight Loss

Itís now time to start with the back exercises. What you need to do is take the exercise band, wrap each of the other end of the band with your hands, place the band behind your back and then pull the band opposite to each other while raising your arms up and down side ways.

You can also place the exercise band on the floor, step on it, grab each end of the exercise band with your hands and then assume a sitting position. You can start pulling the exercise band, focusing on stretching your shoulder blades. You can also use the weighted balls if you donít have an exercise band.

Take each weighted ball and hold it with your hand. Stand straight and start raising your hands up and down sideways while holding each of the weighted balls. Make sure that your arms are straight in order to exercise your shoulders. After working out sideways, you can raise your arms forward while holding the weighted balls and then bring it down again. Continue doing this within 10 reps.

How To Do Inverted Bicyle Exercises

Last but not the least is working out with the bicycle. Lie flat on the ground with your lower back pressed on the ground, your hands on your head. Bring your knees up to around a 45 degree angle and then start enacting a bicycle pedal action. Touch your left elbow towards your right knee while your right elbow goes to your left knee.

Home Exercise Program To Lose Weight

So there you have a complete exercise program that you can easily do at home to lose weight, with very little equipment, and at little cost, either from a monetary perspective, and in most cases, more importantly, from a time perspective. You should be able to fit this exercise routine into your schedule every day to burn that fat and look and feel great in no time.

Remember, before you start any weight loss exercise program, get medical advice, especially if you are recovering from an illness, or are significantly overweight. You dont want to get injured, now do you? Also, make sure that you go at a pace that is right for you, and most importantly, try to enjoy the experience!

Video of Exercises For Home Weight Loss Workouts

Here is the online video of that demonstrates the home based exercises described above. check it out before you try the exercises to make sure that you are doing them right.